What's Post Is Prologue

I'm only going to quote from the source I'm curtsying to, upon whose recommendation I read the rhetorical dissection of a humanist who wants no religion in the public square (rather along the lines of Kathleen Parker a few weeks ago).

Of the argument that Religion Is Divisive, Anthony Esolen remarks:
as we all know, secularism is all about the peaceful growing of nasturtiums, or babies in glass dishes, or whatever it is you want to grow. So was it peaceful in the Ukraine, when Stalin persuaded many millions of peasants to help grow nasturtiums, mainly by providing the nutrients from underneath. So was it peaceful in China, when Chairman Mao persuaded some fifty or sixty million of his own people to irrigate the new order with their own blood. It was peaceful under Bismarck, peaceful under Napoleon, peaceful under Kaiser Wilhelm, peaceful under Hirohito's generals. It is quite peaceful now in Europe, where it presides over the cultural collapse of an entire continent; peaceful mainly because it has rendered European man incapable of fighting.

Even against literal pigs as we see in the previous post. Anyway, read his post as prologue to the article he's promoting.