It's Israeli Double Standard Time!

Which we only celebrate on the days we eat.

Spot the bad guy.

Israeli hospitals take in sick and wounded Palestinians and give them aid and comfort.

Palestinians take in healthy Palestinian terrorist leaders and give them shelter in reinforced basements.

Israelis make shelters for children.

Palestinian terrorists make shelters of children.

Israel forgoes attacks when civilians are endangered.

Palestinian terrorists hope and pray to kill civilians.

Israeli schools are rocket targets.

Palestinian schools are rocket launch facilities.

Hint: it's the Jew. As they know in
Denmark (where they chanted, "Heil, Hitler" and "kill all the Jews"),

(where someone lobbed Molotov cocktails at this synagogue
where they care for autistic children)

Germany (photo is of German police storming a private home to remove a flag because 10,000 Palestinian rioters were outside) andNorway,

Spain (where "youths" bring guns to peace protests in Madrid & Barcelona)


Fort Lauderdale: "Go back to the ovens"

New York: (We understand what's meant by "from the river to the sea," right?)

Can you spot the bad guys in this video from Los Angeles?
(Hint: it's not the guys chanting "Long Live Hitler")

Then there's San Francisco, even the White House Press Corps.
There's broad international consensus.

That's why the President of the UN General Assembly tells us Israel is Like the Nazis.

Curtsy in large measure to Gateway Pundit.