That Lying Bastard Romney

He promised us he didn't pay more taxes than he needed to, but he totally DID.

Speaking of 47%: that's what Romney paid in taxes and charitable contributions (30% charities, 13% taxes).

Britt Hume's twitter feed draws our attention to the last paragraph of the link above:
Romney’s 2011 rate, in other words, puts him much closer to the effective-rate experience of the middle class than to that of the super-rich. He’d be even closer to the middle-class rate if he’d claimed all his deductions. Which, when you think about it, is what pretty much everyone in the middle class would do.
O-ho! Wealthy liberal politicians are always telling us they wouldn't mind paying more taxes. Even there Romney's got them out-classed. They SAY they're willing to pay more; he actually does.

Harry Reid is definitively exposed as a despicable person by this episode (so much for the nice-guy Mormon narrative). He's not up for re-election this year, but if we don't get a Senate candidate in Nevada out of this, I'll eat my hat. Nevada citizens ought to punish the Dem candidate for this.